Robot Hoovers from AEG: you can’t get more technology!

AEG is a famous producer of household appliances known all over the world. For quite some time the producer is also represented in the branch of household robotics. The robot vacuums from AEG abound with modern technology. Whether app control, 3D mapping or ClimbForceDriveTM technology - the robot hoovers of the AEG RX-Series leave nothing to be desired! 





Robot Hoovers from AEG - smart, efficient & thorough 

  • • AEG robot hoovers are perfect for smaller floors with up to 60 m2
  • • With an extra long side brush they pick up dirt and dust in corners and along edges
  • • Robot hoovers of the AEG RX-series recognize stairs and don’t drop
  • • More comfortable control with app for iOS and Android (free of charge) 


Products by AEG

Side Brushes for AEG RX9-1-SGM

Side Brushes for AEG RX9-1-SGM

This extra long side brush ensures a thorough cleaning in corners and along edges. In a few movement ...

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AEG RX9-1-SGM Robot Hoover - with Free 5 Year Guarantee

AEG RX9-1-SGM Robot Hoover - with Free 5 Year Guarantee

The most modern robot hoover in a long time! The new robot vacuum AEG RX9-1-SGM will convince you w ...

€1,299.00 *