Ambrogio L60 Deluxe - robot lawn mower - 2019 model - with free 5-year guarantee - guarantee period starts 01/03/2020

Ambrogio L60 Deluxe - robot lawn mower - 2019 model - with free 5-year guarantee - guarantee period starts 01/03/2020
Including 5-year guarantee at myRobotcenter
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A semi-automatic robot lawn mower without boundary wire

The Ambrogio L 60 Deluxe is designed for gardens up to 200 m2. It is quick and easy to install as the robot mower does not need a boundary wire. The robot recognises its working area by paving stones or obstacles. It detects missing grass and thus changes its direction of travel. For the use of the robot grass cutter, there must only be made little preparations. Charging is carried out by means of a space-saving power supply unit which can be pulled out as required. Thanks to its compact design and all-wheel drive, it is particularly maneuverable and can climb up to ± 50 %. One thing is clear: Ambrogio L60 Deluxe is small but oh my! 

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€879.00 *


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Deluxe L60 by Ambrogio - a semi-automatic robot lawn mower

The Deluxe L60 is a semi-automatic robot grass cutter. It works with your input by placing it on the lawn, pressing the "start" button on the top side of the robot - and stopping after mowing by pressing the "pause" button.


Suitable for smaller gardens

The robot mower is suitable for areas up to max. 200 m2. Thanks to its intelligent sensor technology, it detects the lawn even without boundary cables and mows reliably and safely.


Robust 4-star blade

On the underside of the robot lawn mower a 4-pointed blade is used. The knife is equipped with eight sharp edges and ensures a clean cut. The cutting height can be adjusted via spacers. These are quickly (de-)assembled.


All-wheel drive ensures gradient capability of up to 50 %

The Ambrogio L60 Deluxe can cope with gradients of ± 50 %. This is made possible by the powerful engine and special tread pattern of the robot grass cutter. The all-wheel drive ensures good traction even on slippery or difficult terrain.



Quiet operation

At around 65 dB, the robot mower does its job reliably but quietly. This means that no neighbours are disturbed by the automatic mowing. This makes the Ambrogio Deluxe L60 much quieter than a petrol mower.



The mowing robot recognises its working area

Equipped with the ZSG, the so-called Zucchetti grass and abyss sensor, the robot grass cutter detects both lawns and lawn-free areas. It is also possible to detect hollows or dips in the grass at an early stage. And all this is possible without a boundary wire!



Limiting the working area with (natural) barriers

In order to ensure the use of the robot mower, the working area for the Deluxe L60 must comply with the following conditions:


  • The lawn must be covered with pavement, or
  • A surrounding wall of at least 9 cm height must be present or
  • A hedge forms a natural boundary


Important: There must be no holes, trenches or roots in the work area itself. This will endanger the use of the L60 Deluxe and may cause problems.



Delayed start

The Ambrogio L 60 Deluxe robot lawn mower is equipped with time-delayed programming. This allows the start to be delayed by up to 24 hours. The mowing robot must be switched on for this and the delayed start can be set in hourly steps using the "ON/OFF" buttons.



Small but smart - L60 Deluxe with app-control

The built-in Bluetooth connection allows the robot grass cutter to be connected and programmed with the smartphone. The app is available free of charge in App and Google Play Store. The following functions can be selected with the help of the app: 


  • Starting and stopping the lawn robot
  • Start by delay
  • Steering the mowing robot during the mowing process
  • Changing the status of the sensors
  • Call up information on all aspects of the robot lawn mower, e.g. status, warnings and faults in the machine



Adjustable sensors

You can activate and deactivate the grass sensor and abyss sensor of Ambrogio L60 Deluxe. However, this is only recommended for certain lawn conditions and should not be deactivated by default. Please follow the instructions in the user manual!



Automatic stop when the lawn is finished

Once the lawn has been mowed, the Ambrogio L 60 Deluxe stops its journey. The robot lawn mower also stops if there is no grass or its battery is discharged. In this case, the L60 Deluxe mowing robot must be charged.



Charging via the space-saving charging socket

The Ambrogio L60 Deluxe is charged via the charging connection on the robot itself. The flap on the upper side of the unit is opened and the charging cable is plugged in. The charging process can take up to 3 hours. The robot mower is then ready for use again.



Quick and easy to use

Since the Ambrogio L60 Deluxe does not require a boundary wire to be laid, initial commissioning and use is quick and easy. It is quick and easy to install, recharge and store when no mowing is required.



Ambrogio L60 Deluxe: a suitable robot mower for small gardens without installation effort!

Included in delivery

Included in delivery

Ambrogio L60 Deluxe

• Charging device
• Adapter for charging socket
• Distance ruler for cutting height adjustment 
• User manual

Technical details

Technical details

Model description:Ambrogio L60 Deluxe (2019 model)
Recommended up to (approx.):200 m²
Dimensions (approx.):40,9 x 19,9 x 33,5 cm
Weight (approx.):9,8 kg
Programming/controlling the app:Yes
Height of cut:42 - 48 mm
Cut width:25 cm
Incline:± 50 %
Mowing in the rain:No
Mowing settings:4-star blade
Charging time (approx.):3 h
Rechargeable battery life (approx.):2 h
Guarantee on the product:5 years
Guarantee on the rechargeable battery:1 year
Type of rechargeable battery:Li-Ion (25.9 V / 5.0 Ah)
Volume (approx.):65 dB(A)
Safety:Lifting/Tip-over sensor, Stop emergency button
Special features:

• works without boundary wire
• with Bluetooth app

Payment and delivery

Payment and delivery


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