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Blaupunkt is a traditional brand, opening more and more to modern Smart Home Trends. They combine traditional appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, with new technologies. Blaupunkt scores with longstanding experience and a broad range of Smart Home products. Customers benefit from a great price-performance-ratio and a helpful after-sales service. In our range you can find robot hoovers, robot vacuums and mops as well as window cleaning robots by Blaupunkt.  

Blaupunkt XEasyBlaupunkt XEasy

Blaupunkt XEasy - the robot hoover

The robot hoover by Blaupunkt is particularly recommended for pet owners. It reliably picks up dirt and dog and cat hair. Furthermore, HEPA filters take care of clean air: a true blessing for people suffering from an allergy.

Blaupunkt XSmartBlaupunkt XSmart

Blaupunkt XSmart - the robot vacuum and mop

The Blaupunkt XSmart takes care of two bothersome household chores: vacuuming and mopping" It can be comfortably be controlled with the smartphone and reacts to voice commands given to Amazon Alexa. Furthermore, it is also recommended for allergy sufferers.

Blaupunkt XWinBlaupunkt XWin

Blaupunkt XWin - the window cleaning robot

The Blaupunkt window cleaning robot is equipped with a new cleaning technology: With a vibrating cleaning-head it removes persistent dirt, such as finger prints. This robot is suitable for windows with and without frames.


Order your household robot by Blaupunkt online at myRobotcenter!

Unfortunately, we currently do not have any Blaupunkt products in our assortment. Should this change in the future, you will find the robots again in our online store.


Our demonstration models are refurbished, used and technically tested robots. The big advantage: full manufacturer's guarantee and an unbeatable price!