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Including free 5-year guaranteeIncluding free 5-year guarantee
Bosch Indego S+ 350 Robot Lawn Mower - 2019 Model

Bosch Indego S+ 350 Robot Lawn Mower - 2019 Model

Including free 5-year guaranteeIncluding free 5-year guarantee

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Including free 5-year guaranteeIncluding free 5-year guarantee

More information about product

Smart, systematic and with voice control: Bosch Indego S+ 350

Not only a simple but also a smart operation characterizes the Bosch Indego S+. The robot lawn mower can be controlled via the special app for smartphone/tablet. Via the voice control service of Amazon Alexa, it can also be controlled with voice commands. The multi-zone mowing and the spot function for a punctual mowing as well as the Smart Mowing feature complete the overall package of the robotic lawn robot. Thanks to "Logicut", it carries out its mowing task in an extremely short time. The robot mower drives through your garden "train by rail".

Due to a high volume of orders, the delivery time of our delivery service providers may be extended. Read more
  • Express shipping available

    You will have the opportunity to select DHL Express. Orders which are placed until 12.00 p.m. and are in stock, will be shipped on the same day. The additional fee depends on your delivery address and cart.


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Product description

Bosch Indego S+ 350 scores with a fast and efficient mowing

Systematic mowing in your garden

The Bosch Indego S+ 350 can be used for gardens up to 350 m2, with a maximum slope of ± 27 %. The navigation system Bosch "Logicut" makes it an intelligent but also very effective garden helper.

The robot lawn mower starts mowing by first driving along the perimeter wire and then descending the inner lawn "lane by lane". As a result, the robot mower drives through your garden systematically, twice as fast as comparable other models operating with a random pattern.


A lawn mower robot with Mulch function

During its mowing, the rotating blades of the robotic lawn mower cut down the blades of grass. The cut grass particles fall to the ground as Mulch and provide the lawn with moisture and important nutrients. The lawn is fertilized in a natural way and is therefore lush green and healthy.

Systematic mowing in your gardenSystematic mowing in your garden
Smart operation via an appSmart operation via an app

Smart operation via an app

The robot lawn mower Indego S + can easily be controlled via the especially developed app – even on the road. This is done through the GSM technology. The operation of the smartphone/tablet app is very simple and clear. In addition to the app, the robotic lawn mower can also be programmed via the large, user-friendly display. The App is available for iOS and Android. 

  • Android: version 4.0.3 or higher
  • iOS: version 8.0 or higher

New functions of Bosch indego S+ 350

Equipped with new features such as spot or smart mowing, a voice control with Amazon Alexa and the multi-zoning make it an innovative robot lawn mower. The following functions are already provided by default:


Feature 1: Voice commands via Amazon Alexa

The robot lawn mower Bosch indego S+ 350 can execute Amazon Alexa voice commands. These are, for example, start mowing, pause or return to the charging station.


Feature 2: Multi-zone mowing

With this new feature, Bosch allows the operation on multiple lawns. The lawns can be completely separated, have different obstacles, sizes or dimensions. There are two options possible:


  • Option 1: Without additional charging station: 
    The additional surface must be limited with the same boundary wire as the main zone and the robotic lawn mower must be placed in the secondary area manually. Bosch Indego S+ 350 mows this additional surface until its battery is low. The robot mower moves in the random pattern. The secondary area must not be larger than 40 m2 here.


  • Option 2: With an additional charging station: 
    In this case, an additional charging station is installed on the secondary area and the robot lawn mower is manually placed in the second charging station. From then on, it recognizes its additional base and returns to it in order to charge. The mowing calendar can be used to program up to three independent areas. The maximum lawn size of all areas is 400 m2.


Feature 3:  Spot Mowing

The spot function can be activated if a particularly small lawn needs more mowing than the rest of the lawn. In this case, the Bosch Indego S + mows a certain area and not the entire garden area.


Feature 4: Better battery management

Thanks to an improved battery management, the battery runtime is 50 % longer than the one from previous robotic mowers. Due to Bosch, this does not affect the lifespan of the battery.


Individual adjustment to the needs of your lawn thanks to Smart Mowing

With the Smart Mowing, the robot mower decides independently when the time is right for mowing your lawn. This means, it adapts the mowing sequence to the conditions in your garden.

Fast and easy installation

Easy adjustable cutting height

The adjustment of the cutting height is quick and easy with the button on the Bosch Indego S+ 350. There are three levels to choose from: 30, 40 or 50 mm.


Sensor technology for a secure mowing operation

Equipped with different sensors, a secure mowing is guaranteed. With the highly sensitive touch sensors and a rubber bumper, the robot reacts to obstacles in time and prevents a collision. In emergency situations, the stop button can be used to stop the robotic lawn robot Bosch Indego within fractions of a second.

The robot mower detects immediately if it is removed from its terrain, thanks to the anti-theft device. The system of the Bosch Indego locks and can only be unlocked by entering the personal PIN code.


Fast and easy commissioning

After just a few simple steps, the Bosch indego S+ 350 is ready for use. The charging station is marked with different symbols for the correct placement and installation. A guide channel is integrated in the cradle and the cable is marked with so-called distance marks. As a result, the laying work is done intuitively and quickly. The Bosch installation video supports the initial startup of the robot lawn mower.

The "MyBosch" service for customersThe "MyBosch" service for customers

The "MyBosch" service for customers

The robot mower can be registered on "MyBosch". With the online registration, you get an additional one-year manufacturer's guarantee. This means that you have a manufacturer’s guarantee of three years. In addition, the portal will provide you with valuable tips and assistance with the Bosch indego S+ 350 robotic lawn robot.


Bosch Indego S+ 350 vs. Bosch Indego 350

These two robot mowers are very similar. Nevertheless, there are some differences. So, the Bosch Indego S+ 350 is equipped with the above mentioned features by default. The Bosch Indego 350 Connect has to be updated free of charge to offer these functions. Furthermore, the S+ 350 is equipped with the so-called Smart Mowing, deciding by itself when the best time for mowing has come. 


Register your robot lawn mower for a 3- year manufacturer guarantee!

To benefit from the manufacturer's extended guarantee, you have to register your Bosch robot mower on the manufacturer's website within 30 days of purchase. Without an online registration, the normal guarantee period of 2 years applies to the Bosch robot lawn mower.

Scope of delivery

Bosch Indego S+ 350
Bosch Indego S+ 350 Robot Lawn Mower - 2019 Model
  • • Charging station
  • • Boundary Wire (100 m)
  • • Staples (180 pcs.)
  • • Nails for securing teh charging station (4 pcs.)
  • • Cable connectors (2 pcs.)
  • • Power supply unit
  • • Manual

Technical details

More information
Model NameBosch Indego S+ 350 (Modell 2019)
Dimensions44,5 x 36,4 x 20,2 cm
Weight (approx.):8,0 kg
App-controliOS, Android
Voice serviceAmazon Alexa
Mowing modesystematical "Lane by lane"
Cutting height30/40/50 mm
Cutting width19 cm
Mowing in rain:Rain sensor (not adjustable)
Charging time45 min
Battery runtime30 min
Battery typeLithium-ion (18 V / 2,5 Ah)
Battery guarantee:1 year
Product guarantee:2 years
Boundary optionBoundary wire
Safety:Anti-theft protection, PIN-Code, obstacle detection, multi sensors
Special features:• Navigation system "Logicut": for efficient mowing lane by lane • Remote control via an app • Bosch auto calendar: adaption of the mowing frequency to lawn size • multi-area mowing, spot mowing, improved battery management, voice control • Smart Mowing

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