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Chinese technology company Dreame was founded in 2015 and develops smart home appliances. In the production of robot vacuum and mops, great emphasis is placed on innovative technologies that are based on the evolving needs of users. For example, the company played a leading role in the development of important inventions such as monocular image processing.

This is what characterizes the products of Dreame:

Navigation according to the most modern standards

All robot vacuum mops in the myRobotcenter range are equipped with advanced navigation technology. Dreame is also working on the further development of LDS and SLAM, with which the robots precisely scan the rooms and create virtual maps.

Orientation is based on customer needs

In the development of the robot vacuum and mop, a more precise adaptation to individual customer needs is made. The Dreame Bot Z10, for example, focuses on the suction function and is equipped with a self-emptying station. The W10 with the self-cleaning station has its particular strength in wet cleaning.

One for all

The robot vacuum cleaners with mop from Dreame, which myRobotcenter carries, strike a balance between individual needs and multi-talent. Whether hard floor or carpet - the robots clean both thoroughly and reliably. Personal preferences are taken into account, as well as comprehensive cleaning options.


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Extended guarantee

Complete security over many years.

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