NEW: Gardena Sileno+ Robot Lawn Mower – Model 2017 - With 5-Year Guarantee

NEW: Gardena Sileno+ Robot Lawn Mower – Model 2017 - With 5-Year Guarantee
Including 5-year guarantee at myRobotcenter

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Gardena Sileno+ robot lawn mower makes your garden shine!

The robotic lawn mower is the new top lawn robot for larger and complex lawns. It convinces with improved technical equipment and its range of up to max. 1.300 m2. With the SensorControl technology the robot mower determines the grass growth and mows only when it’s necessary. The Gardena works quickly and efficiently and is the right choice even for complex lawns.

Buy Gardena Sileno+ now and profit from:
✓ FREE 5 year guarantee (worth 200.00€)
✓ OPTIONAL Gardena ComfortCut Garden Shears (worth 99.99€)
✓ OPTIONAL Gardena Garage (worth 199.00€)
✓ FREE Trusted-Shops-buyer-protection for 30 days

Regular Price: €1,749.00 *

Special Price €1,399.00 *

You save €350.00


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What distinguishes the new Gardena Sileno+ models?

In comparison to the older models, the new Gardena models are featured with improved technical equipment to offer a greater range. Therefore they are ideal for larger gardens.


Gardena Sileno+ robot mower adapts the mowing frequency to the grass growth

With the Sensor Control Technology the robot lawn mower determines his mowing process to the grass growth. Its mows only when it is necessary.


Quick and efficient mowing

The robot mower mows more lawn in the same time because it works quickly and efficiently. This is also a benefit for smaller gardens as the robot lawn mower has more resting periods between his mowing cycles. The robotic lawn mower is for lawn areas up to 11.300 m2.

With its lightweight construction, it is able to manage gradients up to ±35 %. Areas that shouldn’t be mowed (such as flowerbeds or trees) can be sectioned off by using its boundary wire. In this way the Gardena also copes with complex areas.


Strong rear-wheel drive

The robotic lawn mower has a rear-wheel drive, with which it is able to mow uneven surfaces without any problems.



In narrow areas the robot mower uses his integrated easyPassage Mode to exploit the entire width of its disposal to avoid leaving lanes even after repeated start-ups.


Cutting edge robot mower technology

The Gardena Sileno+ is exceptionally quiet when in use. Due to its special cutting device and its fine blades it is hardly making any noise. The robot lawn mower is equipped with the latest mowing technology. An easy installation and an optimum ease of use make it your perfect partner for your lawn maintenance.


Security features

A highly sensitive collision sensor and the placed boundary wire provide maximum security. When lifting the lawn mower, the blades stop immediately, thus preventing injuries. In addition the Gardena Sileno+ robot lawn mower is featured with a secure PIN code program and an alarm function.


model 2017


The production of the new model has already started in 2016. Therefore it’s possible that „2016“ is shown on your new robotic lawn mower, although it is already the new 2017 model.

Included in delivery

Included in delivery

• Charging station
• Low voltage power cable
• 200m Boundary wire
• 400 Pegs
• 9 Replacement blades
• 4 Connectors
• 5 Connecting terminals

Technical details

Technical details

Model description:Gardena SILENO+ (4054-60)
Recommended up to:1300 m²
Dimensions:63 x 51 x 25 cm
Weight:9,6 kg
Programming/controlling the app:No
Height of cut:20 - 60 mm
Cut width:22 cm
Incline:Up to +/- 35 %
Mowing in the rain:yes
Mowing settings:Three rotating blades with mulch function
Charging time until:ca. 60 min
Rechargeable battery life until:ca. 65 min
Guarantee on the product:2 years
Guarantee on the rechargeable battery:1 year
Type of rechargeable battery:Litium Ionen battery (18 V / 2,1 Ah)
Boundary:Boundary wire
Volume:max. 60 dB (A)
Safety:Shutdown function in the event of an impact and tilt, secure PIN code programming, alarm function
Special features:

• Can also be used in the wet
• Variable cutting height
• Large user-friendly display with easy programming
• housing is made of highly impact-resistant plastic
• variable remote start functions
• easyPassage – automatic handling in confined areas
• SensorConrol technology the Robotic lawn mower + determines his mowing process to the grass growth
• Eco-Mode
• flexible location of the charging station

Payment and delivery

Payment and delivery

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Hungary 2 working days
Ireland 4 working days
Italy 2 to 3 working days
Latvia 4 to 5 working days
Lithuania 4 to 5 working days
Luxembourg 2 working days
Netherlands 2 working days
Poland 3 working days
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