SALE: Gardena smart Sileno City 500 Robot Lawn Mower - With Free 5-Year Guarantee - Guarantee Period Starts on 01/03/2019

SALE: Gardena smart Sileno City 500 Robot Lawn Mower - With Free 5-Year Guarantee - Guarantee Period Starts on 01/03/2019
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Gardena smart Sileno City 500 Set: Smart robot lawn mower for your garden

This robotic lawn mower can be used on lawns up to 500 m2 with gradients up to ±25 % (14°). With three sharp blades, it shortens the grass fully automatically, even in the rain. With the smart Gateway (included in scope of delivery), this robot mower is comfortably controllable via app for smartphone or tablet or via PC and compatible with all Gardena smart System solutions.

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€1,099.00 *
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Intelligent and efficient: Gardena smart Sileno City

The robot lawn mower is suitable for slightly hilly terrains of up to 500 m2 and with gradients of a maximum up to ±25 % (14°). It has a strong Lithium ion battery and works with a volume of only approximately 60 dB very discreet.


Addition or basis for a Gardena smart System in your garden

The included smart Gateway enables the control of the robotic lawn mower and other smart System product vial app for tablet or smartphone or via PC. The Gardena smart Sileno City is compatible with all Gardena smart System products.


Gardena smart App


A suitable robot lawn mower for intricate lawns

Via remote start function it is possible to set up three further starting points for the mowing (besides the docking station). Thus, the robotic lawn mower finds its way regularly in areas of the garden which are hard to reach. This ensures the mowing of ancillary areas, which are connected to the main are only through bottlenecks. An optimum mowing result is guaranteed.


Optimised navigation in narrow corridors

The automatic lawn mower recognizes with help of its “EasyPassage” function narrow passages and adapts its mode of operation. Thus, it is able to cross such places especially efficiently and quickly.


Fully automatic and reliable: Gardena smart Sileno City

Easy programming

With the user-friendly LCD-Display or via app you can set up a weekly schedule for your robotic lawn mower. The robot mower follows the plan fully automatically and mows exactly then, when you want it to – even when it is raining. When battery is low or it has completed its mowing task, the robot returns to the docking station to recharge.


Mulching function: Fertilizing and mowing in one step

At random, the automatic lawn mower crosses the lawn and shortens the grass with three sharp rotating blades. The cutting height of the Gardena smart Sileno City can be adjusted between 20 and 50 mm. The fine grass cuttings fall down on the ground. There they are slowly decomposed and offer the ground moisture and important nutrients. The lawn gets green, thick and healthy.


Sensors assure a safe operation

The Gardena smart Sileno City is equipped with collision, lift and tilt sensors. If the robot lawn mower is hitting an obstacle, it changes its direction. When lifted or tilted, the blades stop immediately. A PIN code serves as anti-theft-protection and child safety lock.


Quick installation, easy maintenance

The robot lawn mower is ready to mow only after a few steps. All accessory parts needed for the installation is included in the scope of delivery: Boundary wire, pegs, cable connectors and a detailed manual.


The Gardena smart Sileno City only weighs 7 kg and therefore is especially handy. According to the manufacturer, you can clean this model – in contrast to other robot lawn mowers – with the garden hose and under running water. This makes the maintenance extraordinarily simple.

Included in delivery

Included in delivery

GARDENA smart Sileno City 500 -  2018 Model

• Charging station
• Gardena smart Gateway
• Low voltage power cable
• Boundary wire (150 m)
• Pegs (200 pcs.)
• Connectors (1 pc.)
• Connecting terminals (3 pcs.)

Technical details

Technical details

Model description:Gardena smart Sileno City 500
Recommended up to (approx.):500 m²
Dimensions (approx.):55,0 x 36,0 x 22,0 cm
Weight (approx.):7,0 kg
Programming/controlling the app:Yes
Height of cut:20 - 50 mm
Incline:±25 %
Mowing in the rain:yes
Mowing settings:Three rotating blades
Charging time (approx.):60 min
Rechargeable battery life (approx.):65 min
Guarantee on the product:5 years
Guarantee on the rechargeable battery:1 year
Type of rechargeable battery:Lithium ion battery (18 V / 2,1 Ah)
Boundary:Boundary wire
Safety:Collision, lift and tilt sensors, PIN code, anti-theft, alarm function
Special features:

• Remote start function (3/ variable)
• EasyPassage – automatic handling of narrow passages
• Cleaning with the garden hose

Payment and delivery

Payment and delivery


In addition to the indicated prices we charge EUR 10 per order for the delivery and handling, within Europe.

Deliveries in Europe will be made by GLS or a haulage firm (from 31.5 kg) within following International Delivery Times after the order is placed.


International Delivery Times:

Belgium 2 working days
Bulgaria 5 to 6 working days
Croatia 2 to 3 working days
Czech Republic 2 working days
Denmark 2 working days
Estonia 4 to 5 working days
Finland 4 to 6 working days
France 2 to 3 working days
Hungary 2 working days
Ireland 4 working days
Italy 2 to 3 working days
Latvia 4 to 5 working days
Lithuania 4 to 5 working days
Luxembourg 2 working days
Netherlands 2 working days
Poland 3 working days
Portugal 4 to 6 working days
Romania 2 working days
Slovakia 2 working days
Slovenia 2 working days
Spain 4 to 6 working days
Sweden 3 to 5 working days




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for SALE: Gardena smart Sileno City 500 Robot Lawn Mower - With Free 5-Year Guarantee - Guarantee Period Starts on 01/03/2019

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