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GenHigh is an innovative brand from China that provides smart solutions and useful gadgets for everyday life. GenHigh Tech focuses on state-of-the-art innovation and stylish design. The combination of useful technical solutions and the simplification of daily or returning work characterize the products of GenHigh Tech. In addition to the robot hoovers with a suction station, the company also sells other household helpers, such as fridge deo, language translators, or automatic feed dispenser for pets.

Automatic procedures as a real help in everyday life

GenHigh offers for example, with its robot hoover with a suction station or its “Pet Smart Feeder”, a clever solution for automatic work processes. With this, the household appliance takes over returning activities automatically (e.g. emptying the dust container, serving portions of pet food) and thus actually does work that a person would otherwise have to do himself.

Automatic and amazing fastAutomatic and amazing fast
The variety of languages and countriesThe variety of languages and countries

Combination of physical processes with innovative approaches

UV light is a short-wave, high-energy light which serves for physical disinfection of air and surfaces. GenHigh combines physical knowledge with innovative solutions. For example, with the “Skillfull O” fridge deo. Food reacts to oxygen and bacteria, there for they ripen and rot faster. The possibility of physical disinfection with UV light counteracts this and ensures a high standard of hygiene in the refrigerator.

State-of-the-art communication possibilities in combination with useful functions

GenHigh not only offers everyday technical solutions, but combines some state-of-the-art technology with real-time communication. For example, the language translator converts words and entire sentences into a target language at the touch of a button. The technology behind this is speech recognition, which recognizes and understands the spoken words in one language and reproduces them in real-time in another language. Perfect for vacationers or business travellers, because the translators can be carried in your pocket.

Always up to dateAlways up to date

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