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You need a language translator for your next meeting or holiday? We have an elegant solution from GenHigh. It is a innovative solution from China and it is a smart brand which offers products for your daily routine. With the language translator you can translate your target language within seconds. The translator is perfect for your travel or business trip, you can take it easily in your pocket. GenHigh has as well a smart solution for an automatic feeding for your dog or cat. Even you are on a journey the automatic feed dispenser, called “smart Pet Feeder” take care for feeding your pet in your absence with rationed meals.

Safe feeding for your petSafe feeding for your pet

Safe feeding for your pet

You are on holidays, business trip - or had even an evening with friends? This is actually no problem anymore! With the automatic feed dispenser “pet feeder” your quadruped provided any time with feed. You can regulate individual the meal for your medium-sized dog or cat. The "Pet Feeder" is operated with power supply or batteries. This guarantees reliable and safe feeding.

Automatic and amazing fast

You can do translations simply with only one button. When you do not press the button again, the voice recognition will be translated within seconds. You can use your Genhigh - Langogo without Wi-Fi.

Automatic and amazing fastAutomatic and amazing fast
The variety of languages and countriesThe variety of languages and countries

The variety of languages and countries

You can download any kind of languages when you’re connected with Wi-Fi. The various models offers more than 90 languages. These translators don’t stop at countries either. Thanks to eSIM, more than 60 countries are available with the Langogo. for your next business trip with the translator in your pocket, nothing more stands in your way.

Always up to date

Once the translator is connected to Wi-Fi, it is continuously updated.  So your translator is always "up-to-date" and ready for the next language translation.

Always up to dateAlways up to date

Buy the language translator or feed dispenser from GenHigh at myRobotcenter!


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