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Goodsphere - Air quality made in Switzerland

Goodsphere is a Swiss company that has set itself the goal of improving indoor air quality. Due to climatic conditions and various environmental influences, closed rooms are often not the ideal place for our health. Nevertheless we spend a lot of time indoors. With the products of Goodsphere Systems the indoor air can be influenced individually and thus the well-being e.g. in offices, bedrooms and medical practices can be increased. Ailments like allergies or stress can be alleviated by air purifiers and aroma diffusers.

What exactly do air purifiers from Goodsphere and how do they work?

The Goodsphere air purifiers consist of a multi-stage filter system that sucks in air and ejects it clean and fresh. By passing through various filter stages of the air purifier (e.g. HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, ioniser, humidifier...), the air can be purified of odors and allergens, moisture can be added, or even harmful bacteria and viruses can be reduced. Each individual filter stage serves a specific purpose.

Goodsphere purifiersGoodsphere purifiers
Goodsphere diffuserGoodsphere diffuser

Goodsphere’s aroma diffuser and the aromatherapy

Aroma diffusers are devices that use a fine spray mist (air humidification) to add fragrances to the air. This happens by means of the carrier material water or directly through high-quality scented oils. Goodsphere offers both devices, as well as high-quality fragrance essences in different flavors.

For whom are Goodsphere products of interest?

Air purifiers and humidifiers improve the indoor climate and help not only allergy sufferers by reducing fine dust, pollen, animal hair, etc., but are also of interest to non-allergic people. They also help to improve the air in general within one's own four walls (e.g. home office or sleeping area) all year round. 

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils extracted from plants for healing purposes. This type of therapy can influence various symptoms of illness (headaches, tension, sleep disorders and others). Aroma diffusers are therefore especially suitable if you want to create a pleasant scent and room climate in your bedrooms or recreation areas. They are of course suitable for professional use in yoga studios or medical practices.

Goodsphere products allergyGoodsphere products allergy
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