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Hobot is a company that has specialised in the development of household robots since 2010. Innovation and Smart Home are two terms that are particularly important to the company. That's why Hobot's window cleaning robots are innovative and intelligent, which can make your everyday life a lot easier.

With artificial intelligence 

All Hobot window cleaning robots in our range are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI technology). They support the window robots in navigating and choosing the ideal cleaning way.

With artificial intelligence With artificial intelligence
Comfortably controlled via appComfortably controlled via app

Comfortably controlled via app

A lot of those robots are comfortably controlled via “Hobot” app. Therefore, all functions of the remote control can be operated via smartphone or tablet. The app is available in App Store and Play Store, free of charge.

Suitable for various glass surfaces

Window cleaning robots by Hobot are versatile in use. They clean windows, glass doors, mirrors, tiled walls and mosaic glass. Besides, we offer models for surfaces with or without frames – there is a perfect window robot for anyone!

Suitable for various glass surfacesSuitable for various glass surfaces

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Our demonstration models are refurbished, used and technically tested robots. The big advantage: full manufacturer's guarantee and an unbeatable price!