The iFetch Ball Launcher - for maximum fun for your Dog.


Doesn’t matter if you have got a small, mid-sized or large dog. The iFetch ball launchers ensure that both, dog and owner get their money’s worth:



Advantages of the iFetch Ball Launchers:


Felixible Throwing Distances

Flexible selected throwing distances ensure that dogs of any size and condition are offered the most suitable programme. Possible throwing distances are 3m (10 feet), 6m (20 feet) or 9m (30 feet).


For Indoors and Outdoors

The iFetch ball launchers can be operated indoors as well as outdoors. Of course, there is required enough space for operating it indoors.


Acoustic signals your quadruped - let’ start the game!

When you insert a ball into the iFetch ball launcher, there sounds a signal - now your quadruped knows that the game will start immediately. You will be impressed how fast your dog will understand the game. And will love it.


Replacement Balls Available

Should you ever go over the target - no need to worry. Anytime you can order replacement balls. The larger models can also be operated with normal tennis balls.


Different Models for Small and Large Dogs

In our range you can find two different ball launchers - iFetch for smaller dogs and iFetch Too for mid-sized and large dogs. There is offered the suitable ball size for any dog.



The Playing Pleasure Can Start. What Are You Still Waiting For?

Here you find both iFetch models for small or large dogs. Enjoy playing with the ball launcher. Your dog will be happy. 



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