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iLife V8s - robot vacuum and mop
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iLife V8s - robot vacuum and mop

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More information about product

Modern technology at a low price: iLife V8s

This robot vacuum and mop convinces, particularly with modern technology. It is equipped with an intelligent navigation system and cleans surfaces systematically. It removes dust, dirt and hair reliably from hard floors (laminate, parquet, tiles, etc.) and carpets. If you install the supplied water tank instead of the dust container, the robot vacuum mop can wipe the floors very efficiently. It can be controlled either via the buttons on the unit or via a remote control. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner and mop detects stairs at an early stage so that it does not crash. The iLife V8 is, therefore, the perfect everyday assistant.

  • Express shipping available

    You will have the opportunity to select DHL Express. Orders which are placed until 12.00 p.m. and are in stock, will be shipped on the same day. The additional fee depends on your delivery address and cart.

Product description

iLife V8s – a modern robot vacuum and mop at a low price

Suitable for carpets and hard floors

The iLife V8s is suitable for the cleaning of large and small surfaces. The robot vacuum mop removes dirt, dust and (animal) hair thoroughly from hard floors such as parquet, laminate or tiles as well as carpets.


Note: Dark/black floors cannot be cleaned with this model, as they are recognised as an abyss and cannot be driven on.


Robot hoover and robot mop in just one device

The iLife V8s can be equipped with a large water tank (300 ml). Thus, it is able to wipe even wet. In wipe mode, the robot divides the surface which has to be cleaned into 7 x 7 m squares. This makes wet cleaning particularly efficient.

Cleanliness even in corners

The robot vacuum cleaner and mop is equipped with two long side brushes. Thus, it ensures optimal cleanliness along the edges and even in corners. Dirt and dust are collected in a large 750 ml dust bin. For a particularly thorough cleaning along the walls, a special "edge mode" can be selected.

Height of only 8 cm: Cleaning under furniture

With a height of only 8 cm, the robot vacuum and mop also cleans under low furniture. As a result, it ensures cleanliness even in places that are difficult to reach with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Anti-falling and obstacle sensors

The iLife V8s is equipped with various sensors. They prevent the robot from falling down and help to detect objects in the room. This protects your home furnishings.

New iLife with versatile functions

A robot vacuum cleaner and mop with different cleaning modes

The robot vacuum mop comes with a handy remote control. It allows to control and program the robot. You can choose between different cleaning modes:

  • Auto mode: The robot independently calculates an efficient cleaning path.
  • Path planning mode: The robot vacuum and mop systematically cleans the surface in parallel lanes.
  • Spot mode: The robot cleans a particular spot intensively.
  • Edge mode: The robot vacuum cleaner and mop navigates along the walls to thoroughly clean the edges.
  • MAX mode: In MAX mode, the vacuum cleaner increases its suction / wiping performance to optimally clean a particularly soiled area.

Individual schedule

You can create an individual weekly schedule for the iLife. You can exactly set, on which days it should work. The V8s then automatically starts the cleaning process at the defined times and automatically returns to the charging station when finished or when the battery is low.


The iLife V8s is a good choice, if:

  • You are looking for a robot with a wipe function
  • You want to set an individual schedule for your robot vacuum and mop


The robot vacuum cleaner is less suitable for you, if:

  • You prefer a device with app control
  • You are looking for a robot specifically for the removal of pet hair

Scope of delivery

iLife V8s
iLife V8s - robot vacuum and mop
  • 1 Charging base
  • 1 Power supply
  • 1 Dust bin
  • 1 Water tank
  • 2 Microfiber cloths
  • 1 Replacement-filter
  • 1 Replacement side brushes
  • 1 Remote control (with batteries)
  • 1 Cleaning tool
  • 1 User manual

Technical details

More information
Model NameiLife V8s
Dimensions33,0 x 33,0 x 8,0 cm
Weight (approx.):2,7 kg
Doorsteps< 1,5 cm
Cleaning modeAuto,Path Planning, Spot, MAX, Edge
Charging time5 h
Battery runtime1,5 h
Battery typeLithium-ion (14,4 V / 2.600 mAh)
Battery guarantee:1 year
Product guarantee:5 years
Charging baseIncluded
Remote control:Included
Boundary optionNone
Volume:not specified
Special features:• Mop function • Large dust bin • Systematic navigation • Remote Control

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