iRobot Braava 390t Floor Mopping Robot - Demonstration Model

iRobot Braava 390t Floor Mopping Robot - Demonstration Model

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Robot Mop for Hard Floors

The iRobot Braava 390t cleans different kinds of hard and wood floors. It scores with easy handling and the so-called NorthStar® navigation technology. In “Mop” mode the iRobot Braava handles floors up to 32.5 m2. In “Sweep” mode it masters fully 92.9 m2.

Buy Braava 390t as a cheap demonstration model
All iRobot Braava floor mopping robots are first-class products using state-of-the-art technology. Aside from the normal wear and tear, this demonstration model is as good as new. Technically tested and with full manufacturer's guarantee (2 year guarantee for the Braava; one year for the battery).

Regular Price: €369.00 *

Special Price €249.00 *

You save €120.00



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Please find further information about Braava 390t in the product description of the new model.

Included in delivery

Included in delivery

Braava 390t
incl. NiMH battery 2000 mAh

• 1 North Star Navigation Cube (Channel 4)
• 1 Turbo charge cradle
• 1 charging cable
• 1 pro Clean Reservoir pad
• 1 Multi-purpose cleaning pad
• 2 high-quality microfibre cloth for dry mopping
• 2 high-quality microfibre cloth for damp mopping
• 2 Batteries (Size C) for Navigation Cube
• User manual in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Danish

Technical details

Technical details

Model description:iRobot Braava 390t (Demo Model)
Recommended up to (approx.):92,7 m² (dry) with cubes / 32,5 m² (damp)
Dimensions (approx.):24.4 x 21.6 x 7.9 cm
Weight (approx.):1.8 kg
Time and week programming:No
Programming/controlling the app:No
Remote control:Not included
Cleaning settings:Dry mop mode, damp mop mode
Navigation:Indoor GPS Navigation
Charging time (approx.):2 hr (Turbo charge cradle)
Rechargeable battery life (approx.):2.5 hr to 4 hr
Charging station:Included
Guarantee on the product:2 years
Guarantee on the rechargeable battery:1 year
Type of rechargeable battery:NiMH battery (2000 mAh)
Cleaning Type:Only mopping
Mopping:Dry and wet
Volume (approx.):No information
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Payment and delivery


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iRobot Braava - NorthStar Cube Channel 4

iRobot Braava - NorthStar Cube Channel 4

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iRobot Braava - NorthStar Cube Channel 2

iRobot Braava - NorthStar Cube Channel 2

With help of the NorthStar Cube, the iRobot Braava floor mopping robot is able to orientate itself a ...

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Customer Reviews

for iRobot Braava 390t Floor Mopping Robot - Demonstration Model

A few days after your order you will receive an email through which you can submit your personal review.

Customer review posted on 30/10/2018

The iRobot Braava 390t Floor Mopping Robot is excelent as expected.

Customer review posted on 05/09/2018

This little robot is amazing to be honest it’s really a damp cloth cleaning the floor but it’s nice and clean when finished, I just love it, only thing is it’s expensive so my grown up kids are lining up to borrow it as it’s too expensive for them to buy one, so my poor little mop has gothis work cut out for him that another’s three house this goes perfect with my iRobot 760 hoover

Customer review posted on 31/08/2018

everything is taken care of quickly and without any problems

Customer review posted on 15/08/2018

Ideal purchase to keep hard floors looking good.

Customer review posted on 17/05/2018

Happy with it so far. Sweeping is ok. Moping is good. Looks good. As long as you are not expecting anything other that a gentle wipe of your floor with a wet cloth then you will be Happy with it. I would recommend it to friends/family.

Customer review posted on 03/04/2018

Nice and small friend.
Can recommend.

Customer review posted on 26/03/2018

Wanted a robot to wash the floors.
It does the job very well.
Yes, I would recommend it

Customer review posted on 25/03/2018

Can use it no uk plug so not able to use it yet

Customer review posted on 14/03/2018

Chose a second machine for my home in England. Does a first rate job.

Customer review posted on 13/02/2018

Great product No noise, quiet and fast cleqning

Customer review posted on 08/02/2018

IRobot was easy to set up and I was amazed to see how much dirt the microfibre cloth had collected. The machine was silent and cleaned the whole of my large kitchen floor very efficiently. I am delighted with this product and would recommend it.

Customer review posted on 28/01/2018

I received my order in time. I got everything like extra mops e.t.c. I think better if we buy a robot vacuum cleaner and a floor mopping robot. I recommend this seller and I recommend this model. It is really quite, so it will works in the night. Thank you so much The housekeeping is easier from now. :-)

Customer review posted on 24/01/2018

The price is exellent compare to other vendors but a bit overpriced in general.

Customer review posted on 22/01/2018

Bien realiza el trabajo regularmente y solo la utilice en húmedo y ella se encarga de mantener limpio los suelos tanto de madera como baldosa

Customer review posted on 11/01/2018

I don't enjoy cleaning floors and now the Braava does the work for me. Dirt is collected into corners or collected on the duster and has to be picked up and areas of sticky spills have to be wiped with more pressure, but that is small work in comparison to doing it all by hand. The machine is incredibly quiet and is very easy to set up and leave running.

Customer review posted on 05/01/2018

Whisper quiet floor cleaning device. It’s short in height so it travels underneath my sofa with no problems (unlike my robot vacuum cleaner)
It has a dusting facility which, even though I sweep and wash my floors daily, collects a surprising amount of dust and fluff. I love this machine It cuts the amount of time it takes me to manually wash my floors (because of course I have to wash them anyway) and thereby is worth every penny.

Customer review posted on 18/12/2017

excellent quality, quick response, very quick delivery

Customer review posted on 16/12/2017

Very silent, slowly and meticulously doing its job, covering every area. I plan to exploit it to the maximum, it will spare me a long time.

Customer review posted on 07/12/2017

I already own a Roomba and wanted to have a mopping robot. It's a nice robot, surprisingly silent. Picks up a decent amount of dirt even in sweeping mode and seems that it can maintain the cleannes with mopping on regular basis - However I'm still testing it.

Customer review posted on 04/12/2017

very good and well design

Customer review posted on 19/11/2017

Love the product, rated by which magazine which is why we chose it.
Now looking to by a robot vacuum cleaner too.

Customer review posted on 11/11/2017

It's Just arrived but it seems to work very Well

Customer review posted on 18/10/2017

Works silently and efficiently just as described

Customer review posted on 30/09/2017

I must admit to being a little sceptical about this product, but my fears were entirely misplaced. It works a dream on both my laminate floors and tiled floors. It’s amazing how well it cleans, and it is also whisper quiet - you can happily leave it running as you work, listen to music, read, or watch TV.

Customer review posted on 06/09/2017

Cumple con lo esperado. Quizás necesitaría una batería de mas capacidad.

Customer review posted on 25/08/2017

I received this robot a few days ago only, used a few times. Before ordering I did extensive research, read a lot of reviews, so I knew what I can expect from it. It is not washing machine, it only mops your floor to maintain cleanness and this is what we need in our house. I know that it will require some investment in the future as well, for example changing the batery, so I am ready for that.

Customer review posted on 30/07/2017

Now we have cleand floors without any work.

Customer review posted on 20/07/2017

I have a large downstairs floor area kitchen tiles and wood flooring hallway. Really easy to use and set up. Personally I prefer to use with a floor cleaner or wood polish . You can add this to the water before you put the water in the machine. It works silently and efficiently , I was skeptics when I purchased but I love it , lovely clean floors and it's effortless

Customer review posted on 26/05/2017

Great quality, great performance

Customer review posted on 28/03/2017

Excellent product, helping a lot.

Customer review posted on 04/12/2016

Tolles produkt. Hält was verspicht. Große Hilfe im Haushalt.

Customer review posted on 26/11/2016

For such a tiny robot the results are very good. Not a peplacement for the traditional mop but for a quick cleaning very useful.

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