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The LandXcape models are perfect suitable for small gardens and front gardens. Thanks to its analysis system, the robot lawn mower navigates itself through narrow passages of your garden, and mows up to 30% faster than other robots. Equipped with modern sensors, the robot mower detects for example rain and obstacles. These multiple sensors make the robot mower a reliable garden helper that mows your garden fully automatically. For specific models, an App control is also available.

Navigation through artificial intelligence

With artificial intelligence, the robot grass cutter navigates safely through your garden. Equipped with multiple sensors, the robot lawn mower recognizes obstacles and rain. The lawn robot finds its way easily around difficult areas and mows them efficiently. Therefore, these robotic lawn mowers are up 30% faster than others.

Navigation through artificial intelligenceNavigation through artificial intelligence
Mulching function for a healthy grassMulching function for a healthy grass

Mulching function for a healthy grass

With each mowing operation, the robot lawn mower cuts the grass a bit. The lawn cuttings fall to the ground as mulch decomposes and serves as a natural fertilizer and moisturizer. This keeps the lawn healthy and green.

Safety through many sensors

The LandXcape has several security features. A pin code protects the robot mower from being started up by unauthorised persons. Tilt and lift sensors react when the robot is lifted or tilted and stop the rotating blades quickly. This ensures a safe use of the robot mower in your garden.

Safety through many sensorsSafety through many sensors

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Our demonstration models are refurbished, used and technically tested robots. The big advantage: full manufacturer's guarantee and an unbeatable price!