LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Design Engineering Project (2005544)

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Design Engineering Project (2005544)

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Building projects from LEGO®Education for the EV3 Platform are a lesson package with 30 teaching hours and open problem solving activities that mean that learning the MINT subjects (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, technology) becomes a real experience using realistic tasks from robot technology.
The contents of the lesson split into three main sections, with five building projects in each. Overall, there are 15 building projects included.

Regular Price: €149.00 *

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Section 1 - The robot should move: The students are set the task to design, build and programme robots, which move with help from motors with rotation sensors. As part of five projects, they use their mathematical and physics knowledge to create robots, which measure distances and speeds, move without wheels, maximize their power in order to manage an incline, and which move in such a way that the distance covered corresponds to a regular polygon. In the process, the students refer back to their knowledge about simple and complex machines.

Section 2 - The robot becomes more intelligent: The students are set the task to provide the robots with sensors, in order to be able to control their behaviours and in order to measure sensor data, present it graphically and analyse it. As part of five projects, they develop robots, which use sensors to measure reflective light and ambient light, recognise certain colours, measure the distance to an object, recognise the status of the touch sensors  and which measure the angle of rotation  or its change rate.

Section 3 - A robot system results in: The students are given the task to design, build and programme robot systems put together from subsystems. As part of five projects, they develop systems to move a ball, capture objects and selectively put them down again, simulate manufacturing processes, sort colours and communicate their respective position. The students test their systems, record data and use their knowledge to carry out improvements and enhancements to the system.


With the structure of activities in the building projects, they get to understand the building process which scientists and engineers also use. Every project beings with a building task, which explains the project and with the use of videos, shows robots in action and establishes the connection to real life. The whole thing ultimately culminates in a final project that can be presented to the students in more detail. During the whole process to development and building of a solution, the students don’t just gain knowledge of physics, technology and mathematics, they also get to actively use that knowledge. This process structure gives the students the ability to think creatively, problem solve, and communicate and work as a team. It is all about key competencies that are vital in the 21st century for being successful both in school and in work. The contents of the lesson are delivered digitally and are installed directly into the LEGO ®MINDSTORMS ® Education EV3 Lobby. The integrated Content Editor enables the teachers to adjust the lesson content and create their own lesson plans. What is more, the Content Editor allows the students to directly document their work and so create their own digital work book, which aids lesson planning and evaluation. The lesson package with the building projects is aimed at national education standards and is particularly suitable for use in competence-based lessons.

Teaching content:

The competence areas of expertise, intelligence gathering, communication and evaluation are developed further in this lesson package. In addition, independent project development in the team encourages social competence and self-competence of the students. In particular, the following focal points can be highlighted:

• Learning and usage skills required for building processes
• Understand and use mathematical principles and concepts, such as proportion and relationships, or present data in diagrams
• Use  physical concepts, such as speed and performance, movement and stability, or also power and interactions
• Grasp interdisciplinary concepts, –such as systems, models, structure and function
• Grasp basic technical principles
• Experience what roll creativity, experimental research and troubleshooting play in problem solving
• Plan and carry out projects
• Develop creative techniques and  build knowledge
• Develop presentations and communications techniques

Technical details

Technical details

Model description:LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Design Engineering Project (2005544)
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