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Makita DRC200Z Robot Vacuum

The First Robot Vacuum for Large Floors

The revolution of floor cleaning for commercial or industrial areas has dawned! The Makita DRC200Z is the first robot hoover cleaning commercial and industrial areas, such as showrooms, warehouses or exhibition areas. DRC200Z is the ideal robot vacuum for different hard floors, like carpets, wooden floors, storage shelves and the like. Depending on the battery type and cleaning mode, the Makita robot vacuum handles between 300 m2 and 1.000 m2


Makita Robot Vacuum with Time Programme

The Makita DRC200Z is equipped with a useful time programming. It can be programmed to start cleaning after one, three or five hours after pushing the button. Independently, it carries out its cleaning tasks, even when there is no one near.


With Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery

By default, the Makita robot vacuum is delivered without battery and charging station. As an accessory, you may choose between the Battery-Power Kit small and Battery-Power Kit large.


 Makita DRC200Z



Top Features of the Makita Robot Vacuum

  • • Cleans areas with 300 m2 to 1.000 m2
  • • Two different cleaning modes and patterns
  • • Limiting areas with a boundary band
  • • 2,5 l dust bin
  • • Washable dust bin, filter and main brush


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