Mamibot PreVac 650 (gold) Vacuum and Floor Mopping Robot - with Free 5 Year Guarantee

Mamibot PreVac 650 (gold) Vacuum and Floor Mopping Robot - with Free 5 Year Guarantee
Including 5-year guarantee at myRobotcenter

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A talent of combination for less money

The Mamibot PreVac 650 offers a very good price-performance ratio and combines all the demands on a combi-booster: suction, wiping, fresh water tank, app control and a 2-brush module for efficient dirt pick-up. For the first time it is possible to vacuum clean optimally and to wipe them with fresh water at the same time! With the 2.600mAh lithium battery it achieves a work performance of up to 150 min.

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Regular Price: €349.00 *

Special Price €179.00 *

You save €170.00

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Smart Control

App for iOS and Android

Nothing is more relaxing than leaving work to others while sitting on the couch. With the Mamibot PreVac 650 leave the vacuum cleaning and floor mopping only one device.

Due to the smartphone app for iOS and Android, the PreVac 650 can be operated, controlled and monitored from anywhere. The app offers many functions for the handling of the vacuum and floor mopping robot:

  • Select cleaning modes (AUTO with Zigzac, SPOT, EDGE, 30min room cleaning)
  • Set the cleaning schedule
  • Define cleaning areas
  • Monitor the cleaning progress
  • Wake up & standby mode
  • Control the robot with arrow keys
  • Locate the charging station
  • Receive notifications
  • Control from several devices

Please note: This app is only available in English.


Within the app, the room is mapped and the cleaning process visualized. The robot easily detects which surfaces have already been cleaned and which are still to be cleaned. If the cleaning process is interrupted, the Mamibot PreVac 650 remembers this point to continue its cleaning process.


Control with voice commands via Amazon Alexa

The vacuum and floor-mopping robot can now also be controlled via Amazon Alexa. Once it is connected to Alexa, starting the robot doesn’t need more than easy voice commands: “Alexa, ask Mamibot to start cleaning.“ Actually, this function is only available in English. That means, that the voice commands need to be English. In the near future there shall be available more languages and commands. 

Amazon Alexa

Voice Alert

This vacuum and floor mopping robot is equipped with a voice alert function. You will receive voice alerts about its current working mode, the selected function, battery warnings and if there is any error. 


Please note: This voice alert is only available in English.


Mamibot PreVac 650 Vacuum and Floor Mopping Robot - Vacuuming and Mopping in just one single step


With its combined system, your floors are not only free from dust and dirt, but also wiped wet if desired. If the tank is filled with 330ml of water, the vacuum/mopping robot recognizes this automatically and is ready for the mopping. The water tank is sufficient for a cleaning process up to 2 hours max.The washable microfibre cloth at the bottom of the tank removes dust as well as dirt from hard floor surfaces.

With its side brushes it also cleans optimally in edges and corners. Dirt is collected with these two brushes transported into the dust bin with the main brushes, supported by the high suction power.


Different Cleaning Modes

You can choose following cleaning modes:

The cleaning modes of the Mamibot PreVac 650 can be used individually or combined. In addition to the combined vacuum cleaning and wet mopping, the cleaning can also be carried out individually: only vacuum cleaning or mopping.


With Time Control (Scheduling)

There are several ways to start the Mamibot PreVac 650 suction and wipe robot: manually or by means of time control.


Powerful 2,600 mAh Lithium Battery

The characteristics of the lithium battery are not only user-friendly but also long-lasting. Moreover, it is powerful and offers a cleaning time up to 100-150min.


Big LED Display

This vacuum and floor mopping robot is equipped with a large LED display. This display shows information about time, working mode, error code, battery status and scheduling.


Stairs and Door Sills

Equipped with infra-red sensors, stairs and steps are detected by the combination robot, so it doesn't get stuck or falls down. Steps of up to 2 cm height, such as door sills or carpets, are handled by the robot without great effort.

Note: If the water tank is mounted, the robot is not able to manage any steps.


Manual or automatic charging

When the cleaning process is finished or the battery is low, the vacuum and floor mopping robot returns to its charging station and recharges automatically. In addition to automatic charging, the robot can also be charged directly via adapter.

Included in delivery

Included in delivery

Mamibot PreVac 650

1 Charging Station
1 Power Supply
2 Dust Bins
1 Lithium-Ion Battery
2 Microfibre Pad
1 Water Tank
2 Filter
2 Side Brushes
1 Main Brush
1 Remote Control
1 Boundary Marker
1 User Manual 

Technical details

Technical details

Model description:Mamibot PreVac 650 (gold)
Dimensions (approx.):32,0 x 32,0 x 8,8 cm
Weight (approx.):3,0 kg
Time and week programming:Yes
Programming/controlling the app:Yes
Remote control:Included
Cleaning settings:Auto, Spot, Edge, 30 min
Charging time (approx.):3 h
Rechargeable battery life (approx.):2 h
Charging station:Included
Guarantee on the product:5 years
Guarantee on the rechargeable battery:1 year
Type of rechargeable battery:Lithium-Ion (2.600 mAh)
Cleaning Type:Vacuuming and mopping
Mopping:Dry and wet
Boundary:Magnetic band (included)
Volume (approx.):not specified
Special features:

• app control 
• mop function

Payment and delivery

Payment and delivery


In addition to the indicated prices we charge EUR 10 per order for the delivery and handling, within Europe.

Deliveries in Europe will be made by GLS or a haulage firm (from 31.5 kg) within following International Delivery Times after the order is placed.


International Delivery Times:

Belgium 2 working days
Bulgaria 5 to 6 working days
Croatia 2 to 3 working days
Czech Republic 2 working days
Denmark 2 working days
Estonia 4 to 5 working days
Finland 4 to 6 working days
France 2 to 3 working days
Hungary 2 working days
Ireland 4 working days
Italy 2 to 3 working days
Latvia 4 to 5 working days
Lithuania 4 to 5 working days
Luxembourg 2 working days
Netherlands 2 working days
Poland 3 working days
Portugal 4 to 6 working days
Romania 2 working days
Slovakia 2 working days
Slovenia 2 working days
Spain 4 to 6 working days
Sweden 3 to 5 working days




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Product Questions

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Li-Ion Battery for PreVac 650

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Boundary Band (2 m) for PreVac 650

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Customer Reviews

for Mamibot PreVac 650 (gold) Vacuum and Floor Mopping Robot - with Free 5 Year Guarantee

A few days after your order you will receive an email through which you can submit your personal review.

Customer review posted on 30/08/2018

It was a gift for some friends of ours. From what I understood the roobot does what is made to do well. My friends are very glad for the present. 5/5

Customer review posted on 08/08/2018

Mamibot works very well

Customer review posted on 09/06/2018

I liked the product coz of its compatibility with the Alexa and two in one function of hoover as well as mopping.
My robot vacuum cleaner was faulty so I need to send it back so can’t review on it’s functions. The myrobotcentre customer service is good, very prompt in mails. They resolved the issue same day.

Customer review posted on 20/05/2018

Funciona muy bien y hace exactamente lo que esperaba. Muy recomendable

Customer review posted on 31/03/2018

Too short time to rate it properly. Observing its performance I hope for software upgrade soon having impression that robot waste too much time for one spot neglecting the other...

Customer review posted on 26/03/2018

It does what it says 'on the packaging' It deals very well with pet hair - and I'm writing this during the moulting season. It does have a bit of trouble when it comes to corners in 'Edge Cleaning' mode but, at the price I paid, I can't complain. The 'Spot Cleaning' mode spirals out and away from the centre of the trouble spot a bit too quickly. As expected, the mopping mode is more about maintaining a clean floor than scrubbing away stubborn patches. I only have two reservations:
1) it isn't equipped with a handle;
2) I ordered the black model and I wish the top wasn't shiny because, of course, it not only shows every speck of dust, but also every fingerprint.
A handle would be great and so would a matte black top, but these are really small details. All in all, I'm very happy. However, the English translation of the instructions is fairly tragic and could definitely do with proper language editing.

Customer review posted on 09/03/2018

I chose this because it seemed a good deal. It is compact and not very loud. Came with a full set of replacement parts. The navigation is a problem. It cannot go around the whole room. Cleans only one half. I moved it several times manually and it returned to the same place every time. Cannot go through the fringes on a carpet. Crumples the edge of the carpet and cannot continue through it, too. Sometimes stays on one place for a long time without moving but keeps working. I think I will keep it and hope it will improve over time but I would not leave it alone in the room while cleaning.

Customer review posted on 06/02/2018

Its ok hovering but struggles to mop efficiantly. Would like to know of I'm missing something here, but moping is very dry, sometimes not even a drop of water leaves tank, very random.,
it doesnt recognise stains to scrub a little extra. It gets confused in my all white kitchen and needs a lot of supervision. The zigzag cleaning would be efficient in empty room, but it ends up cleaning inefficient random patern and misses a lot of spots. Sometimes stops in a middle of the room all confused. Sometimes starts cleaning in a midle of the night when noone asks, perhaps it thinks it hasnt cleaned room? so i keep it off when not in use. Struggles to find his charging post.
Overall, i would never leave it alone to clean (i thought it was the mane point of distance programme and schedule) .
However, i will keep it because it's very cheap and there aren't anything smart in the market yet.

Customer review posted on 11/01/2018

Works as described, very satisfied with the product.

Customer review posted on 07/01/2018

Below expectation.
Dock station to light thus cleaner move it and difficult to charge.
Magnetic tape doesnt work, robot cross over without problem.
Cleaning functions reasonable good.
All in all it is a dust maker rather then cleaner. More time spend to clean the product.
Dissapointed and do mot recomend it.

Customer review posted on 06/12/2017

Good robot, like in description. Good cleaning for non carpet floor, becouse on middle long hire carpet have some problems to moving. But over is good dry and wet cleaning are good. For so low price i'am satisfied. Thanks

Customer review posted on 03/12/2017

Great item, very satisfied with it

Customer review posted on 26/11/2017

Needs a UK plug. Seems fine so far

Customer review posted on 15/11/2017

Brilliant vacuum Wish I'd bought one years ago. It's coping well with three cats and they are very interested in it.

Customer review posted on 13/10/2017

Mamibot vac- reasonably good for dirt- worrying about availability of replacement mop pads.

Customer review posted on 08/10/2017

I recommend a vacuum cleaner that is quiet and cleans thoroughly

Customer review posted on 24/09/2017

Happy and better than I expected.

Customer review posted on 20/09/2017

As things stand I would not recommend this product to anyone else. I have been sent a robot that doesn't work. Literally when you press a cleaning function it just comes off the charging station and doesn't move. Incredibly disappointed as I was really looking forward to using this.

Customer review posted on 11/09/2017

After few days of using - no problems.

Customer review posted on 31/08/2017

After 2 days of using it is percfect choice.

Customer review posted on 27/08/2017

Product as described, reasonable price. So far everything works properly, Various options tested-OK.

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