Order description

1. Choose the right product for you from our extensive selection. You’ll find the product you're looking for by selecting a product category or by entering the name of the product or of the manufacturer in the search field, top right. By clicking on the linked product description you’ll reach the product detail page where you can find more detailed information about the product.

2. Once you’ve decided on a product, click on the 'Add to cart' button. At that point the order has still not reached us. The selected product is still only in your shopping basket.

3. The link to the shopping basket is on the second line under the main navigation menu. You can also see which products you’ve already selected here.

4. In the shopping basket you have the option of changing the order quantities. After changing the order quantity you need to click on the ‘Update’ button so that the correct price is shown. If you decide not to order a product after all, you can delete it from your shopping basket by simply clicking on the dustbin on the far right. You start the next step in the ordering process by clicking on the ‘Proceed to checkout’ button.
5. Now you’ll be asked how you’d like to go to the checkout. If you already have a customer account with myRobotcenter you only need to enter your email address and your customer password and click on the ‘Log in’ button. If not, you can register or you can go to the checkout as a guest (without registering). Select your option and confirm that selection by clicking on the ‘Continue’ button. You’ll now reach a form where you can enter your customer information. Enter your information here and choose whether delivery should be made to the billing address or to another address. Confirm the entry by clicking on ‘Continue’.
6. If the goods are to be delivered to the billing address you’ll be taken directly to the payment information page. If the goods are to be delivered to another address you’ll need to enter the delivery information in the appropriate section.
7. On the payment information page you have the option of selecting which payment method you’d like to use. Confirm your selection using the ‘Continue’ button.
8. Now you’ll get to the order overview. Here you have the opportunity to check your order and the billing amount. If you want to change anything about your order, you have to click on the Edit your cart Button.
9. Now you should read the General Terms and Conditions, Data protection and the Right to cancel (information about your right to cancel), tick the box to accept these terms and confirm the order by clicking on ‘Buy now’.
10. At that point your order has been concluded and will be sent to us. You’ll receive an email listing your order and delivery details.

We always aim to meet your expectations with our range and service and we would be delighted if you recommended us to others.