Mamibot Repair service

Our home brand Mamibot sets high standards when it comes to the quality and longevity of devices and repairs. Notwithstanding our best efforts to provide a solution that will meet with your full satisfaction, unfortunately problems do arise on occasion. Solutions can often be found with the help of useful tips and error descriptions in the manual of your Mamibot. It is often the case that problems and questions can easily and rapidly be solved over the phone.


 Hausinternes Service- und ReparaturzentrumIn-house repair and service centre
Should you need a repair our skilled team in the Service and Repair Department will be happy to help. Please carefully fill out this form and send it to our Service-Team by email.



Return to myRobotcenterReturn it to myRobotcenter
In the case of a repair please send back the Mamibot to the following address:
          myRobotcenter - Servicecenter
          Schwefelbadstr. 2
          6845 Hohenems (AUSTRIA)

We would like to point out to you that we will charge a fee of 25,00 € for any package that has been sent freight collect.




Please take care  when packing the robot to avoid damage to the product.


Estimate of cost for devices no longer covered by the guarantee:
Is the device no longer covered by guarantee (if it is older than 2 or 5 years respectively, depending on the guarantee), we retain the right to charge a fee to estimate the cost of repair. This amounts to £25.00 and will be charged even when the device cannot or will not be repaired.