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Worx Landroid M500 (WR141E) - robot lawn mower (2019 model)
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Worx Landroid M500 (WR141E) - robot lawn mower (2019 model)

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The new Worx Landroid M500 with a lot of smart features!

The new app-controlled robot mower Worx M500 can be used in gardens up to a maximum of 500 m2. The robot lawn mower manages slopes of up to ± 35 % (20°). The robot grass cutter is able to adjust its mowing schedule individually to the lawn size, as well as to the weather conditions and the grass growth. With artificial intelligence (AIA technology) and multi-zone programming, the Worx Landroid WR141E is also a good choice for more complex terrains.

  • Express shipping available

    You will have the opportunity to select DHL Express. Orders which are placed until 12.00 p.m. and are in stock, will be shipped on the same day. The additional fee depends on your delivery address and cart.


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Product description

The Worx Landroid M500 does the mowing for you!

The robot grass cutter determines the optimal mowing time

By walking through the garden with the smartphone, the lawn size is automatically calculated. Based on the area, the Worx WR141E automatically creates an optimal mowing plan. The robot mower also adapts its mowing behaviour to weather conditions as well as to grass growth. That's how the Worx Landroid M500 maintains your lawn ideally. The robot lawn mower Worx Landroid WR141E can be used on lawns of up to 500 m2.


A great mowing result, even on demanding lawns

The Worx M500 robot lawn mower is equipped with an artificial intelligence (AIA technology). As a result, it navigates through narrow passages very efficiently and mows them reliably. This makes the Worx Landroid M500 an ideal choice for complex lawns. The lawn robot also features multi-zone programming for an optimal handling of remote areas.

Everything in view via app

Therobot grass cutter can be controlled, programmed and monitored using a smartphone or tablet. The app is available free of charge for iOS and Android in the respective stores. If the Worx WR141E needs support, it will send a notification with info via the app.

The right choice for complex surfaces

With the help of artificial intelligence (AIA technology), the robot lawn mower Worx Landroid M500 carries out its mowing job efficiently, skilfully navigates through narrow passages and still works quickly and seamlessly. Equipped with the cut-to-edge function, the Worx WR141E ensures accurately cut lawn edges.

For medium gardens up to ± 35 % slope

Whether for simple or complex surfaces, the Worx Landroid WR141E is suitable for gardens up to 500 m². The robot mower can handle pitches of up to ± 35 % (20°). It adapts automatically to the prevailing lawn and weather conditions and thus provides a beautiful lawn carpet.

Controllable via smartphone app

The Worx Landroid M500 robot lawn mower can be conveniently controlled by app. The app is available for free for iOS and Android:

Via the Wi-Fi connection, the Worx WR141E automatically updates its firmware. Your device is always up to date.

Note: All settings can also be made via the display directly on the device.

Worx Landroid WR141E: the reliable garden assistant

Mowing and fertilizing in one step

The robot mower crosses the garden at random. It cuts the grass with three sharp rotating knives. They rotate in both directions, causing the blades to wear evenly on both sides. Thus, they have to be exchanged much less frequently. The cutting height can be adjusted between 30 and 60 mm in four steps. Mowing produces fine mulch, which falls down to the ground. There it serves the lawn as a natural fertilizer and moisturizer.


Mowing in rain optionally adjustable via the rain sensor

Thanks to a rain sensor, the Worx robot lawn mower stops mowing when it rains. Only in dry weather, it continues the mowing process again. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted as needed. If desired, a weatherproof construction of the robot grass cutter allows mowing in rain.


Worx Landroid M500 with an innovative charging station

When the battery is low, the lawn robot automatically returns to its charging station. There it recharges for the next mowing operation. The robot grass cutter Worx M500 has lateral charging contacts. Thus, it can simply drive through the charging station. The station can be placed very flexibly in the garden.


Cut-to-edge function for beautiful edges

Thanks to the cut-to-edge function, the lawn mower robot on command mows along the boundary wire. This means for you: less rework is necessary at the edges of the lawn.



Sensors ensure safe operation of the robot lawn mower

If the robot mower is lifted or tilted, the sharp blades stop immediately. A PIN code protects against unauthorized use and serves as a child safety lock. In addition, the Worx M500 blocks as soon as it is located outside the network.

Upgrade the Worx robot mower with accessories add-on

The Worx Landroid M500 robot lawn mower can be upgraded with various accessory parts. This will allow you to design your device to handle the requirements of your lawn optimally.  Optionally, the following additional functions can be added:


Anti Collision System (ACS)

The Landroid detects obstacles using ultrasonic sensors and drives around them. It does not hit the object.


Voice Control

With built-in speakers, the Worx Landroid M500 can also be controlled by voice commands.


GPS localisation

In case of theft, the position of the lawn mower robot can be determined using 4G technology.


Off Limits

For lawn areas with many obstacles, the digital boundary simplifies placements of the perimeter wire. This is a virtual boundary option.

Installation and set-up

The Worx Landroid WR141E reaches you pre-programmed and can be installed in just a few steps. All accessories for the installation of the robotic lawn mower Worx Landroid M500 (boundary wire, etc.) are included in the scope of delivery. According to the slogan "Plug'n'Play", the robot lawn mower is ready for operation at the push of a button.

Scope of delivery

Worx Landroid M500
Worx Landroid M500 (WR141E) - robot lawn mower (2019 model)
  • • Worx Landroid M500 (WR141E)
  • • Charging base
  • • Fixing nails (8 pcs)
  • • Power supply (1.5 Amp)
  • • Boundary wire (130 m)
  • • Pegs (180 pcs)
  • • Distance gauge (2 pcs)
  • • Replacement blades plus screws (9 pcs)
  • • Hexagon key

Technical details

More information
Model NameWorx Landroid M500 (WR141E)
BrandWorx Landroid
Gradient:±35 % (20°)
Lawn complexity:Simple, Complex, Very complex
Dimensions55,8 x 40,4 x 20,5 cm
Weight (approx.):9,0 kg
App-controliOS, Android
Voice serviceAmazon Alexa
Mowing modeThree rotating blades
Cutting height30 - 60 mm
Cutting width18 cm
Mowing in rain:Rain sensor (adjustable)
Charging time1,5 h
Battery runtime1 h
Battery typeLithium-ion (20 V/ 2,0 Ah)
Battery guarantee:1 year
Product guarantee:5 years
Boundary optionBoundary wire
Safety:Obstacle detection, lift and tilt sensors, PIN code, alarm function
Volume:67 dB
Special features:• Artificial intelligence (AIA technology) • Lateral charging contacts and an innovate charging station • Multi-zone programming • Cut-to-edge function • Different additional functions optionally available

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