SALE SPECIAL: Zodiac OV3400 Pool Cleaning Robot With Free 5-Year Guarantee

SALE SPECIAL: Zodiac OV3400 Pool Cleaning Robot With Free 5-Year Guarantee
Including 5-year guarantee at myRobotcenter
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Ensures a clean pool

The Zodiac OV3400 pool cleaning robot is the direct successor to the Vortex 3 and completely replaces it. The pool robot ensures a clean bottom and clean walls in your pool. With optimal filtration power and rotating brushes, the robotic pool cleaner ensures thoroughness and cleanliness, even with high levels of dirt. It is suitable for various kinds and forms of basins up to 12 x 6 metres. Enjoy your clean pool

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€1,299.00 *

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What makes the Zodiac OV3400 different from the previous model Vortex 3?

  • There is a new trolley
  • New control system
  • New colour scheme
  • Cleaning programme with 2.5-hour cleaning time for floor, walls and waterline


Why the Zodiac OV3400 is the right choice

Engineering has produced a more intelligent pool cleaning robot with 15 patents. It also keeps the manufacturer’s promise:

  • Powerful
  • Practical
  • high capacity
  • Vortex effect
  • integrated hygienic filter tank

In short: The latest technology for making the whole pool cleaner!


Optimum filtration power

The Vortex effect produces a strong whirl within the filter, which prevents any debris from staying by the filter wall so the filter no longer gets blocked. The filter can be emptied with a „click “, making it a very quick and hygienic way of cleaning out the filter tank.

The Zodiac convinces by offering a powerful and constant suction throughout the whole cleaning cycle. The pool robot cleans floors, walls and waterlines at extra high brush speed, while an especially wide suction opening takes through all types of debris and dirt.


Zodiac OV3400 is suitable for which types of pools?

  • Max. 12 x 6 m pool size (72 m2)
  • Pool shape: rectangle, round, oval, free-form, figure of eight
  • Pool surface: Tile, foil, polyester, concrete (coated)
  • The Pool Cleaning Robot is also suitable for salt water.
  • Minimum depth of water: 1 m
  • Overflow basins
  • Not suitable for ponds or natural pools


Pool cleaning robot – operation notes

Guidance for steps: Steps can only be cleaned if the step area is at least 50 cm deep.  Please be advised that a proper cleaning of steps that are 50 cm deep (e.g. round Roman steps) cannot be assured.

Guidance on the use of salt water: After using saltwater, clean the Zodiac OV3400 pool cleaning robot with tap water (fresh water).

Usage in natural pools: is not possible. 

Basic requirements

  • The Swimming area must be built of vertical walls and lined with foil.
  • The pool must be thoroughly cleaned before the first operation of the Zodiac.
  • The Zodiac OV3400 is not suitable for the basic cleaning of the basin.

In general: The robotic pool cleaner should be rinsed out with tap water after every use. The filter must also be rinsed after each operation. The floating cable should be regularly unplugged from the control system and be switched off from the pool robot.

Included in delivery

Included in delivery

•• Pool Cleaning Robot Zodiac OV 3400 •
• 1 Trolley •
• 1 Control box •
• User manual

Technical details

Technical details

Model description:Zodiac OV3400 - 2017 Model
Recommended up to (approx.):72 m² (12 x 6 metres)
Dimensions (approx.):43 x 48 x 27 cm
Weight (approx.):9.5 kg
Remote control:Not included
Programming/controlling the app:No
Cleaning settings:High-speed brushes
Cleaning:Floor/ground and wall
Circulation rate (m3/h):16
Filter system:Standard: Filter basket 100 microns (60 microns and 200 microns are available as an accessory)
Flotation cable length:18 m
Water temperature:+10 °C to + 35 °C
Guarantee on the product:2 years
Type of rechargeable battery:Mains operated
Volume (approx.):no information
Payment and delivery

Payment and delivery


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Hungary 2 working days
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Luxembourg 2 working days
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